Friday, 14 July 2017

Public Consulations RE Formalizing Guidelines for Snow Plow Driveway Markers / Balises d'entrée pour le déneigement

The City is formalizing current guidelines for snow plow driveway markers and is seeking feedback. 
Markers used by private snow plow contractors to identify their customers’ driveways are prohibited by various Ottawa by-laws.  However, a pilot program has been in place during recent winters to allow them on a trial basis, subject to specific guidelines. 
The guidelines (detailed below) are primarily intended to standardize the use, locations and appearance of these markers, protect residents and the City’s snow clearing and removal equipment from unsafe installations, and minimize disruptions to neighbourhoods.  They are communicated to snow plow contractors when they apply for or renew their annual business licenses.
Current Guidelines
Earliest marker installation date
October 20
Latest date markers to be removed
April 30
Prohibited location
Not on an outer boulevard
(area between a sidewalk and the travelled portion of the street)
Permitted location on property
(where there is a sidewalk)
Minimum 0.61 m (2 feet) from sidewalk
Permitted location on property
(where there is no sidewalk)
Minimum 1.22 metres (4 feet) from the travelled portion of the street 
Maximum height of marker
1.22 metres (4 feet), measured from the ground
Maximum width of marker
10.1 centimetres (4 inches)
Permitted material of marker
Wood, plastic, or fiberglass – cannot be supported by metal bars
Maximum number of markers
2 (one on either side of the driveway)
Permitted information on marker
Company logo and telephone number only – no advertising or other information
There has been a high rate of compliance with the existing guidelines, and relatively few complaints, during the pilot program. Most complaints have related to non-compliance with the guidelines (too early installation, too close to the street, metal markers, etc.). At the same time, company information displayed on markers has been useful in identifying contractors illegally dumping snow on City streets/sidewalks. 
The City is now looking to formalize the rules for snow plow driveway markers and is seeking feedback.
Your comments on the current guidelines should be sent by e-mail to Leslie Charles at Or you can complete an online survey to let us know what you think.
The deadline for comments is July 20, 2017. 

La Ville cherche maintenant à officialiser les règles relatives aux balises d’entrée pour le déneigement et veut connaître votre opinion.
Renseignements généraux
Les balises qu’utilisent les entreprises de déneigement privées pour délimiter l’allée de leurs clients sont interdites en vertu de divers règlements d’Ottawa. Cependant, un projet pilote a été mis en place au cours des derniers hivers afin de permettre leur utilisation à l’essai, sous réserve de la conformité à des lignes directrices précises.
Les lignes directrices (expliquées en détail ci-dessous) ont pour objectif principal de normaliser l’utilisation, l’emplacement et l’apparence de ces balises, de protéger les résidents et l’équipement de déneigement et d’enlèvement de la neige de la Ville en faisant en sorte que l’installation soit sécuritaire et de limiter les perturbations dans les différents quartiers. Ces lignes directrices sont transmises aux entrepreneurs de déneigement lorsqu’ils demandent ou renouvellent leur permis d’entreprise annuel.
Ligne directrice
Date d’installation de la première balise
Le 20 octobre
Date à laquelle la dernière balise doit être retirée
Le 30 avril
Endroit interdit
Ne pas installer les balises sur les limites extérieures du boulevard 
(entre le trottoir et la voie où circulent les véhicules)
Emplacement permis sur une propriété
(quand il y a un trottoir)
À au moins 0,61 m (2 pi) du trottoir
Emplacement permis sur une propriété
(quand il n’y a pas de trottoir)
À au moins 1,22 m (4 pi) de la voie où circulent les véhicules 
Hauteur maximale de la balise
1,22 m (4 pi), mesuré à partir du sol
Largeur maximale de la balise
10,1 cm (4 po)
Matériaux permis pour la balise
Bois, plastique ou fibre de verre – ne peut être soutenue par une barre en métal
Nombre limite de balises
2 (une de chaque côté de l’allée)
Renseignements autorisés sur la balise
Logo et numéro de téléphone de la société uniquement – pas de publicité ni d’autres renseignements
Pendant le projet pilote, la conformité aux lignes directrices actuelles a été élevée, et le nombre de plaintes a été plutôt faible. La majorité des plaintes étaient liées à la non-conformité aux lignes directrices (installation trop hâtive, trop près de la rue, balises en métal, etc.). De même, les renseignements de la société affichés sur les balises ont été bien utiles pour identifier les entrepreneurs qui déchargent illégalement de la neige dans les rues et sur les trottoirs municipaux. 
La Ville cherche maintenant à officialiser les règles relatives aux balises d’entrée pour le déneigement et veut connaître votre opinion.
Vous pouvez transmettre vos commentaires sur les lignes directrices actuelles par courriel à Leslie Charles à l’adresse Vous pouvez aussi remplir un sondage en ligne pour nous donner votre avis.
La date limite pour nous transmettre vos commentaires est le 20 juillet 2017.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

City of Ottawa - At Your Museum - July 2017

Swing Into Summer at Your Local Museums

Play in the past. Make happy memories for the future.

Fun for the Kids

Are you looking for ways to keep the little ones busy now that the Canada Day festivities have quietened down? Our museums have plenty of children's programs this month! On Thursdays, kids can get their hands dirty as they learn about archaeology at Can You Dig It (ages 6 to 10), or on Fridays, explore every corner of the garden looking for Little Critters (ages 3 to 5) at Billings Estate National Historic Site. At Nepean Museum,  Wednesdays are for discovering life as an early settler at Home and Away (ages 6 to 9), Thursdays are all about delicious explorations during Farm to Food (ages 6 to 9), and Fridays is an imaginary journey By Land and Sea (ages 6 to 9) looking at transportation throughout history. Can't make it to the Thursday Can You Dig It program at Billings Estate National Historic Site? Then check out Pinhey's Point Historic Site on Saturdays where you can conduct your dig by the Ottawa River. Registration is required for all children's programs, so please contact us to reserve your child's spot.

Gear up for the Classic Car Show

Do you love the roar of an engine? The call of the open road? Share that love with your family at the annual Classic Car Show at Cumberland Heritage Village Museum on Sunday, July 16. Check out the selection of classic cars and chat with their owners as you walk around the heritage buildings on site. Up for a challenge? Make your own cardboard car to race against your friends and family. With lots of things to see and do, it's sure to be a great day out for all ages!

Happy Birthday Nepean!

This year may mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation, but did you know that it is also the 225th anniversary of the founding of Nepean? On Sunday, July 16, come to Fairfields Heritage House, homestead of the Bell family, one of Nepean's founding families, to celebrate with the community. Enjoy activities from days gone by including butter churning and wool carding, and help us to create a special community "quilt". Come out and celebrate Nepean's rich heritage with traditional games, and hands-on activities that will bring the past to life for the whole family. 

Reach for the Skies

Ever dream of flying? Throughout history people have longed to soar through the air. Join us at Taking Flight at Cumberland Heritage Village Museum on Sunday, July 30. Kites, airplanes, hot air balloons, dirigibles… learn more about how humans have taken to the skies. Discover the science behind flight through experiments, games, and other hands-on activities at this brand-new event.

Become a Saturday Explorer

Become a Saturday Explorer at Nepean Museum on the last Saturday of each month. Investigate a different topic through crafts, games, and hands-on activities. The theme in July is Building in the Past. Plan and build a miniature log cabin, a bridge, and even a tasty candy house.

Artefact Showcase

  Have you enjoyed a pleasant bike ride on one of Ottawa's many bike paths this summer? In this day and age, we may take bicycles with comfortable, convenient bicycle shorts for granted, but that has not always been so. Bikes like this one symbolized freedom for women in the early 20th century. This CCM (Canada Cycle & Motor Co.) bike dates from around 1925 and once belonged to a woman from Nepean. You can see this bicycle on display at the Nepean Museum this month as part of our new exhibition, "Ottawa Through the Eyes of a Woman".

Did You Know?

The invention of the bicycle allowed women to travel short distances and gave them an independence that they did not experience before its creation. Many sports were thought too exhausting for women, but by the late 1800s, new activities like cycling and more modern fashions allowed women to participate more in sports. People began to think that some exercise was good for women, and for ladies, cycling was deemed a "proper" activity.

Women in the late 1800s wore cumbersome skirts. To allow for easier bicycle riding, split skirts, bloomers, and early wide-legged pants were introduced. These new fashions allowed women to straddle the bicycle and permitted much more freedom of movement. Learn more about the history of the women of Ottawa at our special exhibition, "Ottawa Through the Eyes of a Woman" on display this month at the Nepean Museum.

Hands-On History

Summer holidays mean time together with friends and family, so why not head out to Cumberland Heritage Village Museum for some Hands-On History? From 10 am to 2:30 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 4 pm on weekends, drop by for fun activities and workshops – all included in the price of admission! Challenge your friends to a scavenger hunt, make your own wooden tool box, help out with the farm animals, or simply enjoy some tea while playing vintage board games. Every day there is something new to do! Contact the museum to find out what's happening the next time you visit.

Volunteering at the City of Ottawa Museums

Are you or someone you know looking for a way to meet new people, have some entertaining, new experiences, and give back to the community? Do you need community volunteer hours or perhaps some spare time in your retirement? Consider volunteering with the City of Ottawa Museums! With many different opportunities, from helping out in our tea room to gardening to helping with program preparations and delivery to playing a scary role at the Haunted Historic Village, there's something for everyone.

To learn more about how you can become a part of our team, please contact us

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Property Standards By-law Review / Révision du Règlement de la Ville d’Ottawa sur les normes d’entretien des biens

From City of Ottawa By-law and Regulatory Services / De Services des règlements municipaux de la ville d'Ottawa
Good Afternoon,
This is to advise you about the City of Ottawa’s Property Standards By-law Review, which just recently began.
A comprehensive review of the Property Standards By-law was completed in 2013 and resulted in a new and updated by-law. However, a few additional issues were raised as part of the By-law Review Strategy approved by Council in 2015. This review therefore focuses on those issues which include:
·       Lighting (the term “abutting”)
·       Safe passage, specifically, snow and ice maintenance
·       Fences (the term “unsightly”)
·       Graffiti
Given that these issues may impact the business and broader community, we would welcome the opportunity to receive feedback by July 24, 2017, on the options that we are examining to address them.
Please note that the review of the lighting issue does not include illuminated signs, which are addressed under the recently-reviewed and updated Permanent Signs on Private Property By-law No. 2016-326.
You can view the details of this Review online, where there is also a survey to complete. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone at 613-580-2424 ext. 12389, or by responding to this email.
Thank you.

Permettez‑nous de faire le point avec vous à propos de la révision du Règlement de la Ville d’Ottawa sur les normes d’entretien des biens, qui vient tout juste d’être lancée.
La Ville a procédé, en 2013, à une révision complète du Règlement sur les normes d’entretien des biens, ce qui a donné lieu à une nouvelle version à jour de ce règlement. Or, plusieurs autres questions ont été soulevées dans le cadre de la Stratégie de révision des règlements municipaux approuvée par le Conseil en 2015. Cette nouvelle révision porte donc essentiellement sur :
·       l’éclairage (le terme « contiguës »);
·       le passage sécuritaire, surtout en ce qui concerne l’entretien lors de l’accumulation de la neige et de la glace;
·       les clôtures (le terme « inesthétique »);
·       les graffitis.
Puisque ces questions pourraient avoir des répercussions sur les milieux d’affaires et sur la communauté en général, nous souhaiterions prendre connaissance des commentaires avant le 24 juillet 2017 sur les options que nous sommes en train d’examiner pour donner suite à ces questions.
Veuillez noter que la révision de la question de l’éclairage ne tient pas compte des enseignes lumineuses, qui font l’objet du Règlement régissant les enseignes permanentes sur des propriétés privées Règlement no 2016‑326, récemment révisé et mis à jour.
Vous pouvez prendre connaissance des modalités de cette révision en ligne, où vous trouverez également un sondage que nous vous invitons à remplir. Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à me contacter par téléphone au 613-580-2424 poste 12389, ou en répondant à ce courriel électronique.
Kayla Woods
By-law Review Specialist | Spécialiste, Examen des règlements municipaux
Tel / tél. : 613-580-2424, ext. / poste 12389

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

City of Ottawa Recreation - All About Summer Camps

Camp Ottawa: Energy, Adventure, Adventure & Swim

If finding summer activities close to home is your priority, check out Camp Ottawa, found around the city with organized games, sports, crafts and special events. Themes ignite the imagination and offer a different program each week. We offer the largest selection of camps in the city, in community centres, recreation complexes, arenas, arts centres and pools. Select from three Camp Ottawa's with options for swimming and outings. We will keep your child on the go and having a blast with new friends!

Register now:

Swimming lessons are included in camp

Camp Swim Explorer:
Love to swim? Improve your skills and strokes with daily Red Cross swimming lessons and leisure swim time. Fun camp games and crafts will round out each day. 

Computers and kids

Creating computer games is a great way to build computer skills this summer.  With one PC to two campers, get half day in the lab and half a day of regular camp activities. Make new friends who share your interests. Many to choose from!

Find your sport

Lots of options for growing your skills and being active this summer. Check out the sports camps offered at many of our facilities.

Dance away your summer

Experiment with different dance styles. Create dance combinations to music and develop basic dance skills with Dance Camp and Urban Dance Camp!

Looking for summer camps available at a specific facility? 

Summer Ice is nice!  Hockey camps across the City

Keep cool this summer while improving your skills in Canada's national sport – hockey! With on and off ice activities, camps are a great way to pick up some tips and increase skating and scoring skills. For recreational and competitive players, we still have spots in our camps offered at arenas across the city

It's not too late!

Find your creative niche at an arts camp this summer. Try your hand at painting, mixed media, pottery, theatre, dance and more, all while staying active. Find the perfect camp at NVAC and NCAC today. 

French camps

The City of Ottawa is offering a large variety of francophone summer camps for children aged between 4 and 12 years old. Bring all your energy to camp for days of adventure and making friends. Sports, games, crafts, special events and much more! Register quickly as spaces are limited!

Kids can Park-ticipate

Children aged four to 10 are invited to drop-in for fun-filled summer days of sports, crafts and games at Park-ticipate locations in rural and urban water parks throughout Ottawa. Check out the schedule for this free activity created by leaders you can trust. Excitement guaranteed! 


In honour of Canada's 150th year, City of Ottawa is introducing the #OttawaFit150 challenge -, 150 special fitness events will take place at participating City of Ottawa recreation facilities throughout 2017.  From yoga in the park to a Zombie Run, you can check out the full schedule of special Ottawa Fit 150 programs, and take advantage of these unique opportunities to get active with us!


As part of #OttawaFit150, you're invited to jump in and swim! Join in on the fun until August 31 to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday by completing the #150BirthdaySwim. Participate by swimming 150m and share your progress with family and friends! At participating swimming facilities only.

Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 registration begins:

Swimming and Aquafitness Programs
  •   Online and touchtone: 9 pm August 14
  •   In person August 15 during regular business hours

All other recreation programs
  •   Online and touchtone: 9 pm August 16
  •   In person August 17 during regular business hours

Is your account information stuck in a time warp?

Times change and so does your personal information. Take a moment to review your recreation account information on and update details wherever necessary. If you have more than one member on your account, confirm that their information is also accurate.