Monday, 18 September 2017

Celebrate Franco-Ontarian Day at City Hall!

His Worship Jim Watson, Mayor of the City of Ottawa, in collaboration with l’ACFO d’Ottawa, requests the pleasure of your company for a flag-raising ceremony to celebrate Franco-Ontarian Day.

Monday, September 25, 2017
Noon to 12:30 p.m.
Ottawa City Hall, Marion Dewar Plaza
(Fourth flag pole or Jean Pigott Place in case of rain)
110 Laurier Avenue West

We invite you to bring a colleague, friend or family member to this event. 

Join us and wear green and white!

"La fête Franco" at Landsdowne Park

"La fête Franco" at Landsdowne Park

As part of the Franco-Ontarian Day celebrations, the City of Ottawa would like to share a very special invitation to "Le 25.09 Franco".  Take part in this free event!

Ontario's Ministry of Francophone Affairs invites you to the Franco-Ontarian event of the year! As part of the Ottawa 2017 festivities, Groupe Média TFO presents "Le 25.09 Franco", which promises to be a truly unique celebration.

A host of activities and shows await you at Ottawa's Lansdowne Park on Monday, September 25, 2017.

Starting at 5 p.m., come and enjoy DJs, acoustic shows, circus and graffiti workshops, an indoor skatepark, and an array of other exhilarating activities.

Reserve your free tickets now so you don't miss a thing!
For more information, visit



Saturday, 16 September 2017

Accessibility Spotlight - September 2017

Accessible Formats for Tax and Water Bills

Can I Receive my Tax and Water Bills in an Accessible Format?

Absolutely! You can receive your tax and water bills in a variety of accessible formats, including:
  • e-text
  • Large print
  • Braille 
Contact the Revenue Services today to receive your billing documents in an accessible format:

Telephone: 613-580-2444

TTY: 613-580-2401


Tax Deferral Program

Did you know that the City of Ottawa has a Tax Deferral Program for people with disabilities and seniors who have low-income?

Eligible homeowners can apply for a full or partial deferral of annual property taxes.

Applicants who meet the criteria may defer payment of annual property taxes. Criteria for people with disabilities include:
  • Receiving ongoing disability benefits (e.g. Ontario Disability Support Program)
  • Eligibility to claim a disability amount on your Canada Revenue Agency Income Tax and Benefit Return.
For more information on the Tax Deferral Program, please visit or contact Revenue Services:

Telephone: 613-580-2444

TTY: 613-580-2401


Remember, you can request accessible formats of City public documents and we welcome your disability-related feedback on the accessibility of our services, programs and facilities through the following channels:

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Centrepointe Theatre Naming Consultation

A proposal is coming to Community and Protective Services Committee later this month for a corporate sponsorship naming of the Centrepointe Theatre.

The name "Centrepointe" would be kept in the name and would give the city close to $1 million!

Rick Chiarelli's office would love to hear your thoughts on the prospect of a corporate sponsorship of Centrepointe Theatres. You can leave comments using the form available at the link below:

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cycling in the City - September 2017

Rideau River Western Pathway

Construction is well underway on an extension to the Rideau River Western Pathway. This current project will lengthen the existing multi-use pathway between Strathcona Park and the uOttawa Lees Avenue campus a further 1.4km to the south to Onslow Crescent. The project will provide an active transportation corridor that will connect the uOttawa Lees Campus, Springhurst Park, Greystone Village and Brantwood Park. At Brantwood Park southbound cyclists will transition to the shared-vehicle lanes along Onslow Crescent, Bullock Avenue and Rideau Garden Drive to continue southwards along the Rideau River. Although some segments of the pathway will open in fall 2017 the full pathway is not expected to be completed until early summer 2018.
A separate project currently underway within Windsor Park in Old Ottawa South is renewing the existing park pathway and upgrading it to the City's multi-use pathway standard as part of the long-term plan for walking and cycling within the Rideau River western corridor. Additional information can be found on the City's website.

Campeau Drive Multi-Use Pathway

Construction is also advanced on the Campeau Drive multi-use pathway. This project is replacing the existing sidewalk on the northside of Campeau Drive with a multi-use pathway to better serve residents of this area. The new segment of multi-use pathway extends from Knduson Drive to Teron Road, a distance of approximately 1km.
The main 3m-wide asphalt pathway has been installed and is now operational, with the restoration and regrading of the boulevards also completed. Short segments of cycle tracks have been constructed to the west of the Knudson Drive intersection to provide a connection between the multi-use pathway and the roadway. The project is anticipated to be fully finished later this fall, once the pavement markings and signage are completed.

St. Laurent Road Rehabilitation

As part of the improvements currently being constructed for transit services along St. Laurent Boulevard between Industrial Road and Smyth Road, improvements for cyclists are also being delivered. The reconstruction of the road to accommodate a bus-only lane also includes new raised cycle tracks in both the north and south directions, and provides a cross-ride at the Industrial Road and Innes Road intersection for cyclists using the east-west multi-use pathway, which is also being extended. Construction on this project is ongoing, and the segments of raised cycle tracks have been partially constructed although are not yet operational.
Completion of this multi-year project is anticipated in late 2017; details can be found on the City's website.

Trans-Orléans Multi-Use Pathway

Construction of the Trans-Orléans Pathway is anticipated to begin later this summer. This long-distance pathway, approximately 3km in length, is a predominantly off-road route between Liska Street and Trim Road, approximately halfway between Innes Road and Brian Coburn Boulevard. This facility provides a low-stress east-west route that connects to a number of community destinations within the Avalon and Notting Hill neighbourhoods, including Avalon Public School, Cumberland Millennium Sports Park and OC Transpo's Millennium Park and Ride facility. The Trans-Orleans Pathway project will connect to another multi-use pathway also being built in the neighbourhood this year; the Avalon Pathway is located within the hydro-corridor between Chardonnay Drive and Brian Coburn Boulevard.
Completion of the Trans-Orleans pathway is expected in late-summer 2018; a drawing showing the pathway route can be found on the City's website.

Hunt Club Road Cycling Link – Consultation Now Online

The City of Ottawa is in the planning stage for improving cycling conditions along Hunt Club Road between Riverside Drive and Paul Benoit Driveway. The draft design proposes a shared pedestrian and one-way (westbound) cycling facility for the northside of Hunt Club Road, and a separate cycle track and sidewalk for the southside where there is more space.
This project is identified within the 2013 Ottawa Cycling Plan to be constructed within the period 2020 to 2025, however the City of Ottawa has received federal stimulus funding to complete the design work ahead of this time. To view the proposed design and submit your feedback by 20 September, please visit the project webpage

Booth Street Bridge Improvements – Design Solution

A combination of cycle tracks and bike lanes have been proposed as a preliminary design solution for the Booth Street Bridge. This infrastructure project will provide a safe cycling facility in a key active transportation corridor serving a number of important local destinations. These destinations include the Confederation Line Pimisi station, planned development sites such as LeBreton Flats and Zibi, and onward cycling connections both along and across the Ottawa River.
This preliminary design solution was developed as a collaboration between the City and several community active transportation groups including Citizens for Safe Cycling, Healthy Transportation Coalition, EcoDistrict Ottawa, West Side Action (Blog), Ecology Ottawa, Share the Road and the City of Ottawa Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee. For more information, please visit the City's Confederation Line website

Use the Yellow Dots to Activate the Green Light

The City would like to remind Ottawa cyclists to wait on the three yellow dots to make sure that you get a green light when waiting at a traffic signal. The three yellow dots are installed at signalized intersections to indicate to cyclists where the most responsive part of the metal-detecting 'loop' is embedded in the asphalt. This loop senses when vehicles, including bicycles, are stopped in this location and sends a request to change the signal to green within the next cycle. If you are not stopped on the yellow dots, you may not get the green light. 

Mackenzie Avenue Cycle Tracks 

The Mackenzie Avenue cycle tracks opened in mid-May and the data collected in the first couple of months shows some positive trends.  Firstly, the bike tracks have encouraged more people to ride within this corridor, with between two to three times more cyclists using Mackenzie Avenue compared with before the cycle tracks opened. Secondly, combined with efforts made to encourage cyclists to use the new cycling facility instead of the sidewalk on the west side of Mackenzie Avenue, recent counts showed that over 85% of cyclists within the corridor are now using the cycle tracks, reducing the risk of conflict with pedestrians.
Overall, cyclist volumes in July and August are averaging slightly less than 10,000 per week, with 2552 trips counted on the busiest day (Friday 28 July 2017). The majority of cyclists are travelling southbound (75%), with most continuing along Colonel By Drive to connect with the Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway. City staff plan to begin the functional design process for extensions to the Mackenzie Avenue facility at its current southern terminus, to improve the cycling connections to the south and east directions. The improvements will make the Mackenzie Avenue facility an even more important connection within the City's downtown bikeway network. 

Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Funding 

In late May the Ministry of Transportation launched the multi-year Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling (OMCC) program. In 2017 this program is making up to $50M available province-wide to invest in cycling infrastructure to help reduce the volume of greenhouse gases generated from the transportation sector. On 23 June 2017, Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi announced the allocation of $5M in 2017 OMCC funding for the City of Ottawa towards the construction of the new Rideau Canal crossing. Construction of this new bridge, connecting Fifth Avenue and Clegg Street, is anticipated to begin this fall. For more information on the Rideau Canal bridge project, please visit the project webpage on the City's website. 

Monday, 11 September 2017

Next QTSRCA Meeting - September 11th, 7:30pm at Sonny's

The Queensway Terrace South Ridgeview Community Association (QTSRCA) will be holding our next monthly meeting on Monday September 11th, 7:30-9:00 and you are welcome to join us.  A copy of the agenda for the meeting is available at this link.

When: Monday, June 12th, 7:30 pm 
Where: Sonny’s Bar and Grill – 1119 Baxter Rd

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

City of Ottawa Committee Updates

For immediate release:
September 6, 2017
Committee Update
Committee extends three-hour parking rule on weekends and statutory holidays
Ottawa Transportation Committee today approved an updated Traffic and Parking By-law. The update doubles the maximum parking time to six hours for unsigned, on-street spaces on weekends and statutory holidays, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The updated by-law, which would go into effect June 1, 2018, will also be harmonized with City and provincial legislation.
The Committee approved Statements of Work for two environmental assessments in Barrhaven. This is the first step in constructing rail-grade separation at Woodroffe Avenue, Southwest Transitway and Fallowfield Road. The second assessment is for a multi-use pathway along Jockvale Road.
Funding for the assessments is subject to approval of a request in the 2018 Budget.
Items approved at today’s Transportation Committee will go to City Council on Wednesday, September 13.
For more information on City programs and services, visit or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401). You can also connect with us through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pour diffusion immédiate
Le 6 septembre 2017
Mise à jour du Comité

Le Comité prolonge la règle des trois heures pour le stationnement durant les fins de semaine et les jours fériés

Ottawa Le Comité des transports a approuvé aujourd’hui une version mise à jour du Règlement sur la circulation et le stationnement. La limite maximale de stationnement aux espaces des rues sans panneau entre 7 h et 19 h les fins de semaine et les jours fériés sera prolongée pour passer de 3 à 6 heures. Cette version mise à jour du Règlement, qui entrera en vigueur le 1 juin 2018, sera également en phase avec les lois municipales et provinciales.
De plus, le Comité a approuvé des énoncés de travail relatifs à deux évaluations environnementales à Barrhaven. Il s’agit de la première étape dans la mise en place d’un saut‑de‑mouton à l’avenue Woodroffe, au Transitway Sud‑Ouest et au chemin Fallowfield. La deuxième évaluation est pour l’aménagement d’un sentier polyvalent le long du chemin Jockvale.
Le financement des évaluations fait l’objet de l’approbation d’une demande dans le budget de 2018.
Les points approuvés au Comité des transports aujourd’hui seront transmis au Conseil municipal le mercredi 13 septembre.
Pour de plus amples renseignements sur les programmes et services municipaux, visitez le ou composez le 3‑1‑1 (ATS : 613‑580‑2401). Vous pouvez également nous suivre sur Facebook, Twitter et Instagram.
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