Tuesday, 29 November 2016

ROW Patio By-law Review - Draft Recommendations

Message from the City of Ottawa:
Good Afternoon,
In 2015, in conjunction with a report to Transportation Committee, City staff was asked to develop a stand-alone patio by-law that would address encroachment issues, and better incorporate patio and sidewalk design standards. Phase 1 was completed in May 2016 with staff asking for feedback on a backgrounder paper ‘RETHINK! The ROW Patio” and two discussion papers: ‘Safe and Accessible Sidewalks’ and ‘Dynamic ROW Patios’.
We have now launched Phase 2 of the Right of Way Patio Review public and stakeholder consultation period. We invite your feedback on the ‘Right of Way Patio Review Draft Recommendations’ paper. This paper is available on the project page of Ottawa.ca.
We look forward to your comments on the draft recommendations and request that you please provide feedback to the ROW Patio Review mailbox before December 16, 2016. A final report is expected to be tabled at the City’s Transportation Committee by February 2017.
Right of Way Unit
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department
City of Ottawa
En 2015, conjointement avec un rapport présenté au Comité des transports, le personnel de la Ville a été chargé d’élaborer un règlement municipal distinct pour les terrasses qui règlerait les questions d’empiètement et incorporerait mieux les normes de conception des terrasses et des trottoirs. La Phase 1 a été achevée en mai 2016, et le personnel a demandé des commentaires sur un document d’information intitulé « REPENSER! les terrasses sur emprise » et deux documents de travail : « Trottoirs sécuritaires et accessibles » et « Terrasses sur emprise dynamiques ».
Nous avons maintenant lancé la Phase 2 de l’examen des terrasses sur emprise, qui est la période de consultation du public et des intervenants. Nous vous invitons à nous faire part de vos commentaires sur le document « Examen des terrasses sur emprise – Recommandations préliminaires ». Ce document est disponible sur la page du projet d'Ottawa.ca.
Nous attendons avec impatience vos commentaires sur les recommandations préliminaires et nous vous demandons de bien vouloir les envoyer à la boîte de courriel de l'examen des terrasses sur emprise avant le 16 décembre 2016. Un rapport final devrait être présenté au Comité des transports de la Ville en février 2017.
Sincères salutations,
Unité des emprises routières
Direction générale de la planification, de l'infrastructure et du développement économique
Ville d'Ottawa

Friday, 25 November 2016

New e-mail scam built upon traffic violations / Nouvelle arnaque par courriel fondée sur des infractions routières

        Executive Services
        Services de direction
        474, rue Elgin Street
        Ottawa, Ontario
        Tel./tél. 613-236-1222

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, November 24, 2016   2:05pm

New e-mail scam built upon traffic violations

(Ottawa) –The Ottawa Police Service has become aware of a new scam targeting people in the Ottawa area and other cities.

In this scam, a person receives an email, supposedly from the police, telling them they need to pay a fine for a traffic violation. The e-mail advises the recipient that the fine must be paid immediately and directs them to click on an internet link to make the payment. The unsuspecting victim is then asked to enter personal information.

The Ottawa Police Service does not issue traffic infraction notices by e-mail nor do we ask people for an email address during a traffic stop.

Please read such e-mail read correspondence carefully, and if you have any doubts, it is best to call the proper agency to verify its content before clicking on any such internet links.

For more information or to report a scam attempt, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at: www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca<http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca>  or call 1-888-495-8501.

For more information concerning fraud, please visit the Ottawa Police Website<
https://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/about-us/fraud.asp> .

- 30 -

Media Relations Section
613-236-1222, ext. 5366

  POUR DIFFUSION IMMÉDIATE: le jeudi 24 novembre 2016, 14 h 05

Nouvelle arnaque par courriel fondée sur des infractions routières

Ottawa – Le Service de police d'Ottawa a appris l'existence d'une nouvelle arnaque ciblant les gens dans la région d'Ottawa et dans d'autre villes.

Dans le cadre de cette arnaque, une personne reçoit un courriel, prétendument de la police, les avisant qu'ils doivent payer une amende pour une infraction au Code de la route. Le courriel indique au destinataire que l'amende doit être réglée immédiatement, indiquant un lien à cliquer pour effectuer son paiement en ligne. Rendu là, on demande ensuite à la victime d'entrer des renseignements personnels.

Le Service de police d'Ottawa ne communique jamais par courriel des avis d'infraction au Code de la route, et ne demande pas non plus aux conducteurs de fournir leur adresse courriel lors de contrôles routiers.

Veuillez lire attentivement de tels messages électroniques, et si vous avez des doutes, il est préférable de contacter au préalable l'organisme pertinent afin de vérifier le contenu du message avant de cliquer sur les liens qu'il contient.

Pour de plus amples renseignements, ou pour signaler une tentative de fraude, veuillez communiquer avec le Centre antifraude du Canada au:
www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca<http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca>, ou composez le 1-888-495-8501.

Pour plus de détails portant sur la fraude, veuillez consulter le site web de la Police d'Ottawa<

- 30 -

Relations avec les médias
613-236-1222, poste 5366

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cycling in the City - November 2016 (from the City of Ottawa)

O'Connor Street Bikeway – Now Open!

The O'Connor Street Bikeway was officially opened on October 25 by Mayor Jim Watson, Somerset Ward Councillor Catherine McKenney and Capital Ward Councillor David Chernushenko.
The O'Connor Street Bikeway consists of a combination of protected two-way bike lanes, painted bike lanes, and shared-use lanes connecting the East-West Bikeway at Laurier Avenue with Fifth Avenue, near Lansdowne Park. With significant changes to the street layout, all residents (cyclists, pedestrians and motorists) are reminded to be vigilant when using this new facility. Residents are encouraged to visit the project website at ottawa.ca  for more information, including some short videos for both drivers and cyclists, about how to safely use the O'Connor Street Bikeway. To help spread this safety message, we also encourage everyone to share this information with family, friends and neighbours.

Somerset Street East Advisory Bike Lanes

Ottawa has become one of the first cities in Canada to introduce advisory bike lanes. As part of a pilot project, advisory bike lanes have been installed on Somerset Street East between Range Road and Chapel Street. The advisory bike lane markings identify an area within the roadway for bicycle travel, but also make the bike lane available to motorists if space is needed to pass another oncoming vehicle. This approach adds cycling facilities to streets where they wouldn't otherwise fit: low-volume, low-speed roads that are too narrow to add full bike lanes.
Advisory bike lanes are placed on each side of the road, separated from the vehicle lane by a dashed line. Motorists travelling in opposite directions share one wide centre lane. When drivers encounter an oncoming motorist in the centre lane, the two vehicles move into the bike lanes to pass each other safely. If there is a cyclist in the bike lane, the motorist must travel behind the bike until it is safe to move back into the centre lane. More information is available on the City's website, including a short video on how to travel on a road with advisory bike lanes.

Cyrville Road Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements          

Construction is continuing on the Cyrville Road pedestrian and cycling improvement project, with substantial completion expected before the end of the year. This project, along cross-town Bikeway #3, will provide new cycling facilities between Ogilvie Road and Meadowbrook Road. A combination of new buffered bike lanes and shared multi-use pathways (one-way for bikes) will connect to the small segments of bike lanes that existed along this route. The pedestrian and cycling facilities are expected to be constructed by the end of 2016. To find out more and to review a plan of the project, please visit the project website

Construction Updates – Main Street and Mackenzie Avenue

Construction will continue into 2017 for a number of key projects that have multi-year construction timelines. This includes the Main Street reconstruction project, which will ultimately provide raised cycle tracks between Hawthorne Avenue / Graham Avenue and Toronto Street / Rideau River Drive. The northern part of this road reconstruction project was opened in October (from Clegg Street north to Harvey) and the cycle tracks within this segment are now operational.
Along the east-side of Mackenzie Avenue, a project to implement a 450-metre two-way bike track between Murray Street and Rideau Street is also underway. This project is part of the City of Ottawa, the National Capital Commission (NCC) and the City of Gatineau's long-term goal to complete a cycling facility around Confederation Boulevard. The completion of the cycle track, including line painting and pavement markings, is expected in the spring of 2017. You can find out more about both projects on the City's website; Main Street renewal and Mackenzie Avenue bike tracks.

Beechwood Avenue Bike Lanes

The eastern branch of the east-west bikeway was significantly improved this summer with the addition of bike lanes along a 450-metre segment of Beechwood Avenue. By changing the configuration of the line painting between Springfield Road and Putman Avenue, there is now a travel lane and a bike lane in each direction, with on-street parking provided on one side only.
As well as modifying the road configuration, the City introduced a lower-speed limit (40km/hr) within this main street corridor and made changes to a number of bus stops, including the consolidation of some. Visit the City's website for more information on the Beechwood Avenue Transportation Corridor.

Seasonal Cyclo-Zone Delineators 


Under the City's Temporary Traffic Calming program, each ward receives an annual budget of $40,000 for the implementation of temporary traffic calming measures, such as digital speed display boards, centreline flex stake delineators and speed pavement markings.
Within several wards, Councillors have funded the purchase and installation of cyclo-zone delineators along key cycling facilities to increase the visibility of the bike lane, provide seasonal traffic calming for vehicular traffic, discourage stopping or parking in bike lanes and ultimately increase the comfort of residents travelling by bike. Cyclo-zone delineators are installed seasonally for the spring and summer period (April to December) and removed prior to the winter season to allow for snow clearing. This past summer, they were installed at several locations including Somerset, Lyon and Bay Streets, as well as Stewart Street, Wilbrod Street and Hemlock Road along the east-west bikeway.

Queen Elizabeth Driveway Crossing Enhancements

Crossing enhancements at two locations along the Queen Elizabeth Driveway are expected to be completed in December. The new pedestrian crossovers, a joint project between the NCC and the City of Ottawa, will be installed at the Queen Elizabeth Place and Commissioners Park locations, both identified as key crossing points in the NCC's 2011 Rideau Canal Corridor Pedestrian Crossing Study. Half of the project's construction costs are being funded through the Government of Canada's Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.
The pedestrian crossovers are designated areas that allow pedestrians to safely cross roads; vehicles must yield to pedestrians when crossing. Pedestrian crossovers are identified by specific signs and pavement markings; in some cases, they may also have pedestrian activated flashing beacons. When using pedestrian crossovers, cyclists are required to dismount and walk. More Information on the project can be found on both the NCC and City websites. 

Pedal Play Mobile Bike Rodeo 

The first Pedal Play Mobile Bike Rodeo in Kanata North was held on October 1 to increase both bike safety knowledge and confidence for children and their parents. It involved a 9-km route through the community with activity stations along the way. The activities were planned by CANBIKE instructor and Bruce Timmerman award recipient, Monna-Leigh McElveny, and were designed to teach safe cycling practices. Participants learned skills such as making hand signals, how to do a basic bike check, and how to safely navigate roundabouts.
The event was supported by Councillor Wilkinson and organized by the Councillor's Transportation Action Committee Kanata North, the Envirocentre's Sustain Kanata North project and the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association, with assistance from Safer Roads Ottawa, Ottawa Safety Council, and Ottawa Public Health. 

Winter Cycling Network 2016/2017 

This coming winter, the City's Public Works and Environmental Services Department will again maintain a network of approximately 40km of cycling facilities for use throughout the season. It includes a combination of routes on City and NCC properties, as well as key connections through lands owned by the University of Ottawa.
More information, including a map of the planned winter network and the City's maintenance standards, along with advice for safely riding in winter conditions, can be found on the City's website.   

Projects Wrap-up


Throughout the fall, landscaping and other finishing touches have been applied to some of the City's cycling projects for 2016. This includes the paved shoulders on MacFarlane Road, the multi-use pathway along the west side of Greenbank Road between Malvern Drive and Wessex Road, as well the new east-west connection to the Antler-Dolan underpass.
An overview of some of the City's recent high-profile, sustainable transportation projects can now be seen on a new 'story map' website, including a number of new pedestrian, cycling and transit facilities such as the Adàwe Crossing and Robert Grant Avenue. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Ottawa Police Human Rights Learning Forum

The Ottawa Police Service, in partnership with COMPAC and the GLBT Liaison Committee, would like to invite you to our second annual learning forum in recognition of Human Rights Day.  Join us for an interactive learning opportunity with guest speakers from Ontario's Watchdog, the Ombudsman.

When: December 8, 2016, 9:00am - 4:00pm (Registration begins at 8:30am)
Where: Centre St. Elias centre, 750 Ridgewood Ave., Ottawa

You can register at the following site: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HRLF2016

Additional information is available at www.ottawapolice.ca/diversity

Friday, 18 November 2016

City of Ottawa Museums - Holiday Events

Get Ready for the Holiday Season at Your Local Museums!

Play in the past. Make happy memories for the future.

Enjoy the magic of the Twelve Days of Christmas at the Vintage Village of Lights. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from November 25 until December 18, the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum is transformed by thousands of Christmas lights and beautiful decorations, as well as fun for all ages. Decorate gingerbread in the Schoolhouse, take a ride on a horse-drawn wagon, challenge your friends and family with our special Twelve Days of Christmas-themed scavenger hunt, and, of course, meet Santa Claus! Whether it's your first time or an annual tradition, be sure to visit the Vintage Village of Lights at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum this holiday season and make some new Christmas memories.

Kids aged 5 to 12 are invited to the Nepean Museum on Sunday, December 11 for A Nepean Christmas. They'll learn about different Christmas traditions through fun hands-on activities like making a Christmas card, decorating a gingerbread house, and creating a doll or teddy bear to bring home or give as a gift. Santa will even stop by to read a story or two. 

Do you have an aspiring elf at home? Bring the kids to Billings Estate National Historic Site on Saturday, December 17 for Elves of the Estate. Enjoy the Victorian Christmas decorations while the children practice their elf skills by making a surprise Christmas present for their grown-ups and a little craft for themselves. Naturally, Santa and Mrs. Claus will be on site to supervise and meet their new recruits!

Take a break from your Christmas shopping and visit Fairfields Heritage House on Sunday, December 18 for an evening celebrating the spirit of the season.  Admire the Victorian-style decorations, listen to your favourite carols, enjoy a sampling of Christmas treats, and take a tour of this family home.

Artefact Showcase

  This oil heater from the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum artefact collection has just returned from getting some special treatment! For over ten years, the City of Ottawa Museums have partnered with Algonquin College's Applied Museum Studies program. This partnership allows artefact conservation students to learn practical skills as they perform minor conservation work on some of the metal objects in our museums' artefact collections. Over the years, the students at Algonquin College have completed work on over 600 objects, which are then returned to the museums for further research and exhibition.

Celebrate Hockey at the Ottawa Sport Hall of Fame

Did you know that next year isn't just Canada's 150th anniversary, but also an important year in hockey history? In 2017, we'll be celebrating 125 years of the Stanley Cup, and 25 years of the Ottawa Senators. A special exhibition will be installed in the Ottawa Sport Hall of Fame this December honouring these two milestones. Next time you're at City Hall at 110 Laurier Avenue West, be sure to swing by the Heritage Building and check it out!

Volunteer Appreciation Event

The annual volunteer appreciation event for the City of Ottawa Museums and Historic Sites was held on November 9. We enjoyed getting together and recognizing the contributions of the many volunteers who help us bring our museums to life whether on the front-line or behind the scenes. We couldn't do it without you!

For more information about volunteering for the City of Ottawa Museums, please contact us.

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

CFIA and Health Canada Consumer Session on Food Labelling - Séance d'étiquetage de L'ACIA et de Santé Canada avec les consommateurs

(La version française suit le texte anglais)
Consumer Roundtable Discussion on the Future of Food Labelling in Canada
Spread the word!
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada want to hear your perspective on the future of food labelling in Canada. We are holding a roundtable discussion and want to hear from everyday consumers like you, on topics such as:
·       what labelling information is important to you
·       where do you get information to make purchasing decisions
·       how to increase awareness about labelling claims and what they mean
Date: November 25, 2016
Location: Ottawa, Ontario (Location near Central Experimental Farm)
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
There is no cost to register and parking is free. Participants are expected to cover their own travel costs to attend.  Prior knowledge of food labelling is not required.  You must be 18 years or older to participate.
Space is limited, so register early.  The deadline to register is November 18, 2016
This round table discussion is part of the CFIA’s and Health Canada’s work to modernize food labelling in Canada. More details about these initiatives and ways to participate can be found on our websites.
If you need more information, contact us by email at
We look forward to hearing your feedback.
Food Labelling Modernization Team
(The English version precedes)
Table ronde de discussion sur l’avenir de l’étiquetage alimentaire au Canada
Passez le mot!
L’Agence canadienne d’inspection des aliments (ACIA) et Santé Canada veulent entendre ce que vous avez à dire sur l’avenir de l’étiquetage au Canada. Nous organisons une discussion de table ronde et voulons entendre ce que les consommateurs typiques comme vous pensent, sur des sujets comme :
·       Quels renseignements d’étiquetage sont importants à vos yeux? 
·       D’où tirez-vous des renseignements pour prendre la décision d’effectuer vos achats?
·       Comment améliorer la sensibilité sur les allégations d’étiquetage et ce qu’elles veulent dire?
Date : Le 25 novembre 2016
Lieu : Ottawa, Ontario (près de la Ferme expérimentale centrale)
Heure : de 8 h 30 à 12 h
L’inscription et le stationnement sont gratuits. Il est attendu des participants qu’ils couvrent leurs propres dépenses de trajet pour la participation à la table ronde. Il n’est pas nécessaire de savoir quoi que ce soit sur l’étiquetage alimentaire. Vous devez avoir 18 ans ou plus pour participer.
Ne tardez pas à vous inscrire, car le nombre de places est limité. Le dernier jour pour s’inscrire est le 18 novembre 2016.
Cette table ronde de discussion fait partie du travail constant de l’ACIA et de Santé Canada pour moderniser l’étiquetage alimentaire au Canada. Plus de détails sur ces initiatives et sur les façons de participer se trouvent sur nos sites Web.
Si vous avez besoin de plus de renseignements, contactez-nous par courriel à
Nous sommes impatients d’entendre vos suggestions.
Équipe de la Modernisation de l’étiquetage des aliments